Happening: Luci Creative Takes Chicago Ideas Week Down Rabbit Hole

Date: Oct. 20, 2017

Chicago Ideas

Attendees of Chicago Ideas Week 2017 went down the rabbit hole with Luci Creative and Ravenswood Studio Inc! Participants were tasked to tell snippets of Alice in Wonderland through rapid prototyping exhibit elements. A group worked on an exhibit that tells the story of Alice going down the rabbit hole while activating senses with strobe lights, scents and sights within the makeshift tunnel.

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News Coverage: Cutters Fetes 2017 Chicago International Film Festival Clients

Date: Oct. 13, 2017

Screen Magazine

The Chicago International Film Festival officially opened last week and Cutters Studios made contributions this year to several films including director Scott Smith's feature comedy CHASING THE BLUES director Stephen Cone's dramatic feature PRINCESS CYD, and director Sean Miller's futuristic short THE REPLACEMENT.

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Original: "Middle Man" Arrives on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Netflix and More

Date: Oct. 7, 2017

See the movie

9/8 TVOD: Vubiquity, Amazon, iTunes, Google, Vudu, Comcast X Finity, Sony, Xbox

10/8 SVOD: Netflix

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News Coverage: Gentleman Scholar Introduces Imaginary Friend Society

Date: Oct. 6, 2017

By Jenny Brewer, It's Nice That

Imaginary Friend Society: RPA’s mammoth animation project “taking the scare out of cancer care”

"Congregated as the Imaginary Friend Society on a dedicated website, the 20 animations feature a wealth of charming, humorous and dynamic characters designed to educate and support the kids through their treatment. Short films such as Feeling Sad, Blood Tranfusions, Radiation, Losing Your Hair, Being Scared and Returning to School tackle tough subjects in myriad animation styles. Other animation studios involved were Gentleman Scholar, Roof Studio, Hornet, Airplan, Not to Scale, Flux Animation, Starbeast, Psyop, Studio Pigeon, Renegade Animations and Laundry."

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News Coverage: Cutters, Another Country Help Grandma Win

Date: Oct. 1, 2017

By Tim Nudd, Adweek

Ad of the Day: Grandma Gets a Life Thanks to McDonald’s, Whose Chicken Tenders Are as Good as Hers; No more cooking, so she can explore other hobbies

"Grandma isn’t bitter that McDonald’s new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders are as good as the ones she makes. In fact, she’s thrilled. She won’t have to cook anymore, and can finally enjoy life. That’s the deadpan theme of a new campaign from We Are Unlimited, featuring seven spots and supporting materials in which grandmas embrace, or sarcastically bemoan, the advent of the new menu item."

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News Coverage: Erin Sarofsky Among Newcity's 2017 #Film50

Date: Sep. 28, 2017

By Ray Pride; photos by Joe Mazza/Brave Lux

Number 20: Erin Sarofsky, Owner and Executive Creative Director, Sarofsky Corp.

"Best known (to those in the know) for creating gorgeous, innovative main title sequences for television and blockbuster movies (including 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' 'Ant-Man,' 'Captain America: Civil War,' 'Doctor Strange' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'), the West Loop’s Sarofsky Corp., founded in 2009, as described by owner Erin Sarofsky, is more ambitious than just that. 'We are a collective of artists, producers and technologists who produce design-driven work in any medium of communication,' she relates. 'Whether it’s a broadcast commercial or an innovative piece of AR [augmented reality], we are down to be a part of the team. That amazing, open-minded attitude is alive and well here, working and playing together in our inclusive culture where everyone has a unique voice and a collaborative spirit...'"

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News Coverage: Cutters Studios' "Project For Good" delivers first initiatives

Date: Sep. 15, 2017

By Roger Darnell

"Over the past 37 years, commercial editorial company Cutters has expanded its core skillset to include world-class live-action production (Dictionary Films), design, animation and visual effects (Flavor), interactive development (Picnic Media) and audio mixing (Another Country). Beyond its impressive facilities in downtown Chicago, the Cutters Studios operations also currently extend to Los Angeles, Kansas City, Detroit, New York and Tokyo. Now, thanks to a highly compassionate company ethos that endears clients and employees alike, a new "social good" initiative has been established which is about to come to fruition..."

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Happening: Roger Darnell named ART+Marketing contributing writer

Date: Sep. 15, 2017

Note from editor-in-chief, David Smooke

"Somewhere between creation and distribution lies the day to day truth. Our ethos is publishing the stories of how its made AND how its distributed. This blog started as the corporate blog of ArtMap Inc., my startup marketing company. I hoped it would help me meet the most creative people in the world. I have had the opportunity to publish many accomplished people and creative minds. More creative stories in the world! Ultimately, we publish creators. Why they make. How they see. What they do. Everyday is the creators’ perspectives. STORIES..."

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Original: California water conservation PSA: Every Drop Counts

Date: Sep. 14, 2017

Directed by Jason Cook, Flavor

"California has been in a drought for years and we felt like we had something to say about it. We wrote and produced this spot to feature a little animated CG water drop character named Droppy who shows up when people are wasting water and lightly shames them. It’s all in good fun and our hope was that people would empathize with Droppy’s plight and be more water conscious. This was a total passion project, utilizing production capabilities in all three of our offices..."

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News Coverage: Lenovo Brings Gaming to Life via Ogilvy and Gentleman Scholar

Date: Sep. 23, 2017

By Jennifer Wolfe

"A cinematic new animated trailer for Lenovo’s Legion brand is debuting online and in targeted media outlets all around the world this week. The project was conceived by creatives at Ogilvy and Mather New York in partnership with bicoastal creative production company Gentleman Scholar. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lenovo Legion was launched as a dedicated sub-group for gaming PCs..."

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News Coverage: Art of the Title gets personal with Erin Sarofsky

Date: Sep. 23, 2017

By Lola Landekic and Will Perkins, Art of the Title

"The joy is in the details. And there is no shortage of detail in the bombastic, toe-tapping opening to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The two-time galaxy savers — Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and, of course, Baby Groot — are at it again, this time battling the Abilisk, a giant interdimensional beast.

"Baby Groot, mischievous and distracted and utterly in his own world, dances to music from Star-Lord’s second mixtape while the Guardians throw down in the background, out of focus. The focus on Groot instead of the main action is the first comedic thrust of the film, a hilarious stroke of wit that dumps audiences in medias res but with the major action just beyond reach..."

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News Coverage: United Center, Bulls and Blackhawks draft Leviathan

Date: Aug. 17, 2017

By Dave Haynes, 16:9

The new 10,000 sq. ft. fan store store at Chicago’s United Center – home to the NBA Bulls and NHL Blackhawks – includes several digital interactive features designed to immerse people in the culture and excitement of the teams. The Madhouse Team Store, in the United Center’s new east expansion area, is there to sell high margin sweaters, T-shirts, hats and lots of other stuff with logos. To pull people in and keep them around, a press release says the new store includes The Interactive Timeline, Call the Game, and The Bulls and Blackhawks Photo Booth...

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Happening: Tokyo Story to feature Cutters Tokyo's Aki Mizutani

Date: Aug. 16, 2017


poweredby.tokyo is a community driven initiative that seeks to establish the modern Tokyojin. We aim to authentically and organically capture, document and communicate Tokyo's unique urban culture through the insight and experience of the very people that shape it while redefining what it means to call Tokyo home. Director and Editor Aki Mizutani of Cutters Tokyo and Dictionary Films Tokyo is set to be featured in the next episode of poweredby.tokyo's Tokyo Story.

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News Coverage: Gentleman Scholar, Deutsch and Claudio Miranda play for Draftkings

Date: Aug. 15, 2017

The Drum

"The NFL season is huge for fantasy football, and fantasy sports company DraftKings is gearing up with a double dose of creative executions to entice gridiron fans... ‘Play’ and ‘Dr. Aftkings’ mark the first marketing initiative under Don Lane, senior vice president of brand and creative, who joined DraftKings after 21 years at Arnold Worldwide. Created by Deutsch’s NY office, the campaigns launched August 14 during ESPN’s Fantasy Football Marathon. ‘Play’ features a more inspirational tone and invitational call to action...

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News Coverage: Cutters promotes Dustin Kaufman, launches KC satellite

Date: Aug. 14, 2017

shots Magazine

Chicago-based editorial company Cutters studios has announced the launch of a new satellite studio in Kansas City and the promotion of Dustin Kaufman to the position of editor. Kaufman, who will lead the new studio, has previously cut spots for a diverse range of clients including Dairy Queen Gatorade, McDonald's and many more. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Kaufman earned his first job from Cutters in 2013 as an assistant editor.

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Original: MyOldCoach.com

Date: July 13, 2017

Hallowed be thy name

My Old Coach is the user-driven site dedicated to commemorating and honoring the Coaches who invested time and energy toward helping others learn about athletics and life. What did your favorite Coach do for you?

Send your true stories – short or long, sad or happy, inspirational or ridiculous – so we can consider publishing them here. Odds increase if you also send one great photo in high resolution. There is also a possibility that stories submitted here will appear in an upcoming print edition of “My Old Coach.”

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Happening: Multiple 2017 Ad Stars honors for Dictionary Films Tokyo

Date: July 13, 2017

Dictionary Films Tokyo on Facebook

"Happy to announce that our work made it to the finals at the Ad Stars 2017! The groundbreaking Diesel 'The Walls' in Cinematography and Achievement in Production... and the inspiring Nike #Minohodoshirazu in Achievement in Production, Direction and Cinematography for Film Craft!"

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News Coverage: Sarofsky's Guardians Return

Date: June 27, 2017

Animation World Network

"In the groundbreaking Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), director James Gunn presented Erin Sarofsky’s design studio, Chicago-based Sarofsky, with the challenge of creating both an animated, custom typeface and a bold treatment of the Guardians of the Galaxy logo for the main title sequence. For the return of Peter Quill, Rocket, Baby Groot, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Sarofsky once again rocked both the opening titles and the 'storytelling' end crawl. 'The first assignment was to explore some ideas the Marvel team had been tossing around since James wrote the opening title scene,' Sarofsky said. 'In the end, we built off those initial ideas and landed on something that utilizes the typeface we created for the original movie, but executes it in a totally different way.'"

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Original: Ewasko celebrates the late Judy Hutchings

Date: June 27, 2017

Interior Designer Extraordinaire

"I hope you will enjoy these images I created for Joe Hutchings, a close friend who is a business executive based in Las Vegas. I met Joe about a year after the passing of his beloved wife Judy. As you can see in the following images, Judy was an interior designer extraordinaire! While creating the images over a three day period, I was continually impressed with Judy's expertise for master design theories. She was obviously well schooled from Bauhaus to color theories from Josef Albers and beyond. I certainly feel privileged to have had the opportunity to photograph such a wonderful home and present Joe Hutchings with a lasting celebration of her design and legacy."

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News Coverage: Allstate, Leo Burnett tap Another Country for Purple Purse Initiative

Date: June 26, 2017

By Robert Goldrich, for SHOOT Magazine

"Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse 2017 campaign launches with a powerful new social experiment-based short film, Lost Purse, that provides the public with a look into the life of a domestic violence victim through a purse she’s left behind in a Lyft. 'Lost Purse' was directed by Andrew Lane, the hidden camera expert, via Rival School Pictures. The film, created by Leo Burnett Chicago and MSLGROUP Chicago, shows how real people respond when directly confronted with domestic violence and financial abuse. The participants’ reactions illustrate how we, as a society, think, talk and ultimately act when faced with this issue. By depicting real efforts to help a victim in need, viewers are encouraged to ask themselves, 'What would I do in this situation?'"

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Happening: On new website, Flavor comes on strong

Date: June 14, 2017


The leaders of Flavor - the creative production division of international creative company Cutters Studios - are very proud to announce a massive website update. The growing company’s boundless capabilities and achievements are reflected in the new website and in a brand new montage. The montage was edited by Adam Parker of Cutters Los Angeles, while the work it presents – along with everything seen on the website – embodies everyone at Flavor.

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PR Campaign: Leviathan helps the world explore Gogo 2Ku

Date: June 13, 2017

By Roger Darnell, on Creativepool

Thanks to specialized creative agency Leviathan, viewers everywhere can now discover more about Gogo 2Ku, the next-generation satellite solution from Gogo (NASDAQ: GOGO), the leading global provider of broadband connectivity products and services for aviation.

Gogo's new 2Ku offering is a next-generation satellite array delivering groundbreaking connectivity for passengers - and advanced tools for airlines. To creatively address the mission of informing the world of 2Ku's arrival, Leviathan worked directly with Gogo's leaders. The results are an interactive web experience that fosters discovery and education of 2Ku technology, partners, and availability... by presenting a real-time 3D ecosystem created by leveraging the power and portability of WebGL. Visitors have the ability to explore real world flight paths, satellite coverage, and see how the service continues to expand to connect more planes and more people, in more places.

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PR Campaign: How does San Diego Zoo rock? Ask Gentleman Scholar

Date: June 13, 2017


"At Gentleman Scholar we fell in love with the idea of creating rockin' San Diego Zoo spots from the moment we saw the initial brief from M and C Saatchi LA. Waves of nostalgia were flowing through the studio as we started to consume video references of retro music videos, MTV logo IDs and Liquid Television animations. We worked with the agency's amazing team to push the musical influence of each habitat, giving them their own throwback treatment that added to the excitement of viewing the spots back-to-back. We also love getting our hands dirty in just about every creative medium, so we have a special place in our hearts for mixed media montages."

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Original: Free to read on Tales of Mason: "Rio Pecos Compound"

Date: June 11, 2017

Rio Pecos Compound: Book Six of The Clint Mason Series

Clint Mason has never been this close to achieving his dream of building a peaceful community around a big, top-quality horse ranch on the Rio Pecos. Using his talents as a land surveyor, he outfoxes a crooked land baron to secure an idyllic estate, but soon finds himself at a poker table with at least three guns pointed his direction. One false move and all of Clint's plans will die with him. A powerful foe aims to make it look like a justified killing over card cheating, and that bold play might help balance Clint's odds for survival. Will it be just another ruthless murder, or will Clint win another day to further his quests for justice, peace and prosperity?

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News Coverage: Spectacular uniform reveal from Detroit Lions and Cutters

Date: June 2, 2017

By Colin Costello, for Reel Chicago

"On April 13, Cutters Studio Detroit (CSD) helped the Detroit Lions rally their fan base and earn national headlines by hosting a sensational 'uniform unveil' event that was live-streamed by more than 300,000 viewers. Cutters, with studios in Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Tokyo, conceived and produced the entire media events behind the scenes of the fanfare which consisted of several brand films, a complete on-air graphics package and an experiential art installation..."

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Happening: Cutters Studios unites around ONE CHICAGO campaign

Date: May 22, 2017

Three million Chicagoans, stories and reasons to stand together

"We are beyond proud to have been able to come together with Ogilvy Chicago, Earhole Studios and the Mayor's Office to bring these important stories to life. Several people from several offices of Cutters Studios dove in head first to make this project a reality. Special shout out to Nadav Kurtz for his direction and leadership."

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Happening: U.S. theatrical release for "Abacus" mixed by Another Country

Date: May 19, 2017

PBS brings "Abacus" to theaters nationwide

"'Abacus: Small Enough to Jail' by acclaimed director Steve James will be theatrically released beginning May 19 at the IFC Center in New York City before spreading nationwide. PBS Distribution has acquired the North American distribution rights to Abacus and has planned a robust spring festival campaign leading into the theatrical release of the film, including the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival where Abacus is the Opening Night Film tonight, April 6, at 7:30PM. Follow the link for the full list of upcoming festival and theatrical dates."

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News Coverage: Creativity covers new Bikini Edit talents

Date: May 19, 2017

By Alexandra Jardine, Advertising Age

"Editors Lisa Mogol, Cindy Nielsen, Christopher Pensiero and Bryan Wetzel are joining the commercial roster of edit studio Bikini Edit. Mogol has previously worked with Moondog Editorial, Company X, and Mad River Post. Nielsen and Pensiero, who are married, founded Eye Candy in 2010 and have collaborated with agencies, animation houses, and production companies. Wetzel's most recent commercials credits include campaigns for Comcast, IBM, Lowes, Starburst, Tide, UPS, Verizon FIOS, and Wendy's."

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Happening: Dictionary helps honor Ruth Ratny

Date: May 5, 2017

By Daniel Patton, for Reel Chicago

"The March 29 Ruth Ratny Memorial Celebration at Untitled Supper Club featured speakers from some of the most well known businesses and organizations in the Chicago creative community. Mark Androw, Tom Duff, Craig Duncan, Julieanna Richardson, Barbara Roche, Roy Skillicorn and Joy Tillis were among those who grabbed the mic and shared personal memories of ReelChicago’s legendary late founder with the room full of people who turned out to celebrate her life."

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News Coverage: Sarofsky earns in-depth Communication Arts feature

Date: April 27, 2017

By Monica Kass Rogers, for Communication Arts

"Buzzing the doorbell to Sarofsky Corp.’s office in Chicago, what you notice first is how well the design-driven production studio blends. The building so melds with its industrial environs as to be nearly invisible: The side lot wears the scruffy crabgrass, cornflower and dog-crap look shared by most unpaved patches west of Fulton Market. The taxi-repair man on the corner grinds out a cigarette butt. A guy slams the door of a quilted-metal food concession truck before trundling back to Pilsen. But inside the building, another world waits."

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