Happening: Ewasko captures Newport Electric Bike for 2017

Date: Apr. 22, 2017

On Newport Beach at 12th Street

"It's a monumental day when I can apply my craft for Greg Ruzicka and Newport Electric Bike. The results of this shoot with his new X-Treme Electric Bicycles will soon go live across his marketing channels, but I wanted you to see them first." Be sure to check out http://www.newportelectricbike.com and each of Greg's social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram.

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News Coverage: Live Design presents Making of 150 Media Stream

Date: Apr. 22, 2017

An Experiential Installation At 150 North Riverside In Chicago

In conjunction with the public opening of Riverside Investment and Development's stunning 54-story office tower designed by architect Goettsch Partners, the Riverside organization is also officially unveiling the phenomenal 150 Media Stream "living sculpture" and the remarkable creative technology behind it. Representing a giant leap forward for public art initiatives, this installation constitutes Chicago's largest video wall, while also providing exciting new exhibition opportunities for artists...

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Happening: Ashton Kutcher bump for Gentleman Scholar's latest

Date: Apr. 22, 2017

From Ashton Kutcher on Facebook

"Nothing beats the bond between a dad and his daughter." This Short About Father-Daughter Cheesemakers Pulls On The Heartstrings So Hard, It Hurts. Tearing up a little over here...

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News Coverage: Dictionary Films Tokyo and Diesel: Make Love Not Walls

Date: Apr. 18, 2017

By David Blecken, for Campaign Asia

"Whatever your position on Donald Trump, it's fair to say the man is a veritable fount of creative inspiration. Back in February, his bluster about building a boundary between Mexico and the US led Diesel to launch a campaign called ‘Make love not walls’. Trump’s intolerance was a chance for the brand to mark itself out as a supporter of inclusivity in characteristically colourful style..."

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Original: Production Inspiration from Wondersmith Updates Weekly

Date: Apr. 17, 2017

Wondersmith Production Weekly: Individuals, institutions and ideas pertaining to top-level film and video production.

Wondersmith is the Charlotte, North Carolina-based creative production company. Home to proven specialists creating breakthrough branded content for screens of all sizes, Wondersmith serves brands and their agencies that use smart storytelling, bold content and flawless execution to set themselves apart. From creative contributions to location productions anywhere in the world - and top-tier animation, visual effects, editing and finishing – tap the power of Wondersmith.

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News Coverage: Cutters Studios Detroit adds Kurt Kulas as managing director

Date: Apr. 9, 2017

By Alexandra Jardine, for Advertising Age

"Cutters Studios has appointed Kurt Kulas as Detroit managing director. Kulas was most recently the managing partner for international production consultancy Admaniax. His experience includes five years as director of content development for Campbell Ewald, more than 20 years with Doner culminating in the role of director of integrated production, and another four years in a similar leadership capacity with Young and Rubicam..."

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Happening: Another Country: Adventures in Sound

Date: March 27, 2017

YouTube Playlist

Chicago-based Another Country specializes in sound design and mixing for cinema, television, radio, gaming and online media. Each of the company’s five 128-track Pro Tools HD suites is 5.1 to 7.1 capable, hosts all the latest and best plugins, and offers ISDN and Source Connect capabilities and unparalleled stock music and sound effects libraries. Staff sound designers/mixers include John Binder, Peter Erazmus, David Gerbosi, Drew Weir and Erik Widmark, and the executive producer is Tim Konn.

This "Adventures in Sound" YouTube playlist features the studio's latest work for Energy BBDO, FCB Chicago, Leo Burnett, VaynerMedia, W+K Tokyo and many others.

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News Coverage: Bikini Edit Hires Cary Flaum, Launches SITE 57 Gallery

Date: March 20, 2017

By Robert Goldrich, for SHOOT Magazine

"NEW YORK - With its recent relocation to New York’s Lower East Side Gallery District and the opening of its SITE 57 gallery space, edit studio Bikini Edit has hired production and post veteran Cary Flaum in the position of executive producer. Flaum has been the EP and head of production for creative production company Shilo since 2013. During his tenure, he helped the company add premier creative and marketing talents to its staff, while spearheading film, television, commercials, music videos and experiential projects for leading clients...."

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News Coverage: VFX Artist/Designer Scott Stephens joins Flavor Detroit

Date: Mar. 14, 2017

SHOOT Magazine

"The leaders from creative production studio Flavor are very proud to announce the addition of Scott Stephens to their Detroit staff in the position of senior VFX artist/designer. The announcement was made by Flavor's executive creative director Lori Woods... Well known for his work with top brands and directors on major commercial campaigns for Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Chrysler, Expedia, Food Network, Mazda and Six Flags, to name but a few, Stephens also brings vast experience creating content that maximizes unique environments and screens of all sizes. Recent innovative projects include the Amazon Kindle release in Times Square, the Ford Focus theatrical release for the Electric Music Festival, BCBS media for the Pandora app, Buick's multi-screen auto show installations and the Mount St. Helens installation for the National Park Service..."

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News Coverage: CBS Credits Erin Sarofsky Among Top Title Creators

Date: Feb. 16, 2017

Reported by Lee Cowan for CBS News

For Hollywood movie makers, giving credit where credit is due is more than just a professional courtesy; it’s an industry all its own. Our Cover Story is reported by Lee Cowan...

"...Erin Sarofsky has designed title sequences for four Marvel films, including 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' and the beautifully intricate 'Doctor Strange.' But in both cases her designs came at the end of the film, not the beginning. 'The movie doesn’t end on the final frame,' Sarofsky said. 'It ends really after the director is kind of finished having his way with you, so to speak. So it’s like the sorbet at the end of the meal. Can’t skip the sorbet!'"

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Happening: Cutters Studios Detroit teams with Jack Morton Worldwide for GMC

Date: Feb. 8, 2017

GMC Denali: The Look and Sound of Precision

Three Integrated Brand Films for GMC’s 2017 Auto Show Experiences Resound with Branded 5.1 Surround Soundscape

Cutters Studios is a truly integrated media studio, and whenever opportunities arise to create groundbreaking experiences, we aim for the stars. For GMC’s must-see exhibitions at the 2017 Auto Show circuit, which premiered at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the brand’s leaders joined forces with Jack Morton Worldwide and extended a daunting challenge. Our mission was to produce monumental cinematic imagery and a spectacular original score that would help drive home the brand’s legendary heritage while providing poignant introductions to the Denali Line to everyone in attendance.

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Happening: Cutters' McGuire and Otsuki join Adfest 2017 speakers in Thailand

Date: Feb. 20, 2017

Session set for Wednesday 22 March, 11:30 AM

For Adfest 2017 taking place on March 22-25, 2017 at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand, Cutters Tokyo's Editor and Managing Director Ryan McGuire and Executive Producer Timo Otsuki will present Cut To Tomorrow: Crucial Role of Editors in Crafting Campaigns. In their words, "Good editors are filmmakers. Even more, they are problem solvers, marketers, salesmen. Editors build brands and move product. Good editors even become brand experts. Intimately familiar with the footage, they provide solutions sometimes unimagined. McGuire and Otsuki will unmask the editors’ invaluable role in crafted storytelling."

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News Coverage: Snuggle's love for customized content drives engagement

Date: Feb. 14, 2017

By Elyse Dupre, for DMNews

"According to Picnic New Media—an interactive design studio that worked with Campbell Ewald on the videos—several tools and services were required to ensure a high-quality product and experience. Automated post-production technology provider Cloneless Media, AI image and text filterer Community Swift, and cloud communication platform provider Twilio are just a few of the solutions leveraged. The experience also needed to be mobile friendly. According to Monteleone, 85% of the experience's traffic comes from mobile devices..."

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Happening: Ewasko covers Desire to Inspire event in Los Angeles

Date: Feb. 11, 2017

Desire to Inspire Givers Award and Art Show

The Desire to Inspire Givers Award was created to celebrate, honor and recognize those who dedicate their lives to helping others. Recipients of this award INSPIRE us all to live lives of giving and kindness through example and deed. They are the pebble that creates the ripples that change the world. For 2017, honorees included Carole Pearson - Founder of the Dawg Squad, Debbie Unruh - Founder and Executive Director of The Elizabeth House, Wendy Levine - Founder of the Beauty Bus. Cuisine was courtesy of Bartlett Food Service.

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Happening: Flavor's Cook brings Snuggle to life with movie magic

Date: Feb. 10, 2017

Campbell Ewald, RingSide Creative and Cutters Studios Partnership

"Snuggle was literally born in the 80's, so to me, this was an incredibly fun opportunity to playfully nod to that time with visuals and expressions from the glory days of MTV," said Los Angeles-based Jason Cook, creative director for Flavor. After viewing "tons" of old music videos and pulling countless references, he and his fellow designers produced storyboards for his vision of shooting the video on a real, minimalist set. "I knew this approach would let me tell the story in a simple way without having to rely on a ton of green screen post work," he said...

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News Coverage: Life In 360°: Space – The Last Resort

Date: Jan. 27, 2017

By Kevin Eva, for VRFocus.com

"Today’s video shows what happens when a space traveler (Anousheh Ansari), a astronautics professor (David Barnhart), a hotel expert (Brian Kelly) and an interior designer (Nicole Hollis) come together. It may sound like the beginning of the joke but using Cisco Spark collaboration platform has resulted in the design of the very first space hotel. The ‘tour’, produced by studio Gentleman Scholar, takes the idea of space tourism to its end goal. With an orbital rest stop comprising a lobby, bedrooms, a dining area, an observation deck and even – somehow – a zero-G swimming pool which you need to see to wrap your head around..."

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Happening: Leviathan unveils Nike Test Stride

Date: Jan. 17, 2017

Obstacle course of the future

Nike’s Global Sportswear team challenged Leviathan to get the right people talking about–and testing out–the brand’s new winter line of SneakerBoots and Tech Pack Aeroloft jackets. Launched in Shanghai, the event–dubbed Test Stride–invited media and VIP influencers to experience both lines’ weatherproof benefits, first-hand. Invented by Leviathan, hi-tech product displays guided participants to the core attraction: a 170-foot-long interactive obstacle course–complete with jagged terrain, a flooded street and barricaded alley. This competitive event used human motion to trigger visuals and track participant’s scores in real-time, while an automatic photo-capture feature displayed their victory across a vivid 30-ft-wide display...

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News Coverage: Adam Parker directs, edits for BJ's Restaurants, DDB SF

Date: Jan. 13, 2017

By Christine Birkner, for Adweek

"If you want an honest opinion about food, restaurant critics have nothing on kids. To promote its new menu, BJ's Restaurants and DDB San Francisco shot videos with kids critiquing the dishes and trying to guess what they're eating. The kids tried five dishes and offered their feedback, and, as is kids' wont, they got adorably sidetracked talking about dinosaurs, whether they still exist and where they might live—Rio and San Diego are thrown out as suggestions..."

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News Coverage: Tour The SF Shipyard with Transparent House’s VR App

Date: Jan. 12, 2017

By Peter Graham, for VRFocus.com

"The use of virtual reality (VR) in housing and real estate is becoming more prominent as construction companies or planners look to showcase future plans and layouts in a far more immersive setting. This is why creative studio Transparent House was brought on board for The San Francisco Shipyard, one of the largest urban developments on the West Coast. Quite often VR experiences relating to work in progress construction takes place in a location near to the site, but Transparent House has made this publicly available..."

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Happening: Return to Paris 2016 with Erin Sarofsky

Date: Jan. 3, 2017

Motion Plus Design’s Meet-Up Paris 2016

The 2016 Motion Plus Design Meet-Up Paris took place in September, uniting Erin Sarofsky on stage with other prominent artists and creative leaders from around the world. Among the many talented and exciting speakers, the agenda also featured Peter Clark, Adam Gault, Somei, Dave Penn, Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter and the leaders of the website Mattrunks.com.

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News Coverage: Wondersmith's Blackburn predicts design trends for HOW

Date: Dec. 19, 2016

By Callie Budrick, for HOW Magazine

"We’ve asked some of the top creatives to share what 2017 design trends they think will be headed our way." Thom Blackburn, Creative Director, Wondersmith: "What we are seeing is that various trends and styles seem to play out much more quickly than they used to..."

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Happening: Cutters Studios hits the floor at AICP LA Holiday Party

Date: Dec. 8, 2016

AICP Studio 54 at The Ebell of Los Angeles

With many in attendance from Cutters Studios, the AICP spread Holiday Cheer on a coast near you in December. On Thursday, December 8th, for one night only, they actually turned the Ebell of Los Angeles into Studio 54. The fun and merriment ran on to midnight, and thanks to countless thoughtful gifts and donations gathered for Toys for Tots, the night even brightened the holidays for many less fortunate.

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News Coverage: MSI Chicago makes waves with Leviathan

Date: Dec. 21, 2016

By Kait Shea, for Event Marketer Magazine

"Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) is renowned for its immersive experiences, but with the addition of three high-tech Dive Trainer stations to its famous U-505 submarine exhibit, the museum is making waves like never before. Even before the interactive stations were added over the fall, the exhibit drew massive crowds. Its centerpiece, a German U-505 submarine that was captured by the U.S. Navy off the coast of Africa in 1944, serves as a rare memento from World War II. Now, with the addition of the dive simulators, the emotional impact of the exhibit can be experienced through modern technology...."

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News Coverage: December 2016 DWA Placement: 2017 Design Trends

Date: Dec. 19, 2016

By Callie Budrick, for HOW Magazine

Predictions from top creatives, featuring input from principals of DWA client companies Leviathan, Sarofsky Corp. and Wondersmith.

"2016 is finally coming to a close, and what an interesting year it has been. From surprising elections and terribly sad deaths, to incredible music and impressive changes in technology—it’s been a year that will definitely be written about in history books. The design world has seen its own changes and updates as well. And as we know, change is the only constant. We’ve asked some of the top creatives to share what 2017 design trends they think will be headed our way."

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News Coverage: Gentleman Scholar's website is Communication Arts WEBPick

Date: Dec. 15, 2016

Communication Arts

"Los Angeles– and New York–based creative production company Gentleman Scholar needed a new site that presented the company’s talents and emphasized the craftsmanship it brings to its work. With help from digital creative agency East of Western, Gentleman Scholar created a new site that shows its work in detail. 'Of course we have certain projects we want to ensure people are aware of,' says Gentleman Scholar cofounder and co–creative director Will Johnson. 'But we also wanted to share more of the underlying processes and provide a curated, thoughtful nature to the layout. As visitors will see, we are also emphasizing our live-action, animation and virtual reality capabilities...'"

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Happening: Newport Electric Bike goes to market with Ewasko imagery

Date: Dec. 15, 2016

On the Newport Balboa Boardwalk

You name it, Balboa Village has it: Great beaches, restaurants, water sports, shopping, art galleries, theaters, museums, sportfishing, whale watching and of course, the Fun Zone and more. And now, thanks to proprietor and co-founder Gregory Ruzicka, it's also home to Newport Electric Bike (NEB), proudly featuring the imagery of Tommy Ewasko across all of its marketing channels.

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Original: TIFF features Erin Sarofsky

Date: Nov. 11, 2016


During her Higher Learning Master Class for TIFF post-secondary students and faculty, Erin Sarofsky talked about the creative process behind her title design sequence for Captain America: Civil War. The event was co-presented by the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario as part of the 2016 DesignThinkers Conference, with support from our community partner, Art of the Title.

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News Coverage: Valiant Pictures director Masood Ahmed lenses Trophy Room debut

Date: Nov. 10, 2016

By Tanya Gazdik, for MediaPost MarketingDaily

"The Trophy Room, owned by Michael Jordan’s son Marcus, recently unveiled its exclusive Air Jordan + Trophy Room XVI Retro Bleu Français edition. A promotional campaign celebrating the shoe's official release is online at http://www.trophyroomstore.com. It was created by Valiant Pictures and director Masood Ahmed and features DJ Khaled."

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News Coverage: Dictionary Films welcomes directors Magasiva and Walters

Date: Nov. 4, 2016

shots Magazine

"Chicago and Los Angeles-based production company Dictionary Films has signed international directors Miki Magasiva and Robin Walters to the company's roster for US representation. Magasiva has directed ads for DB Breweries, Commonwealth Bank, F. Whitlock and Sons, Nike Tennis and Old Navy. While Walters has previously helmed work for eBay, Hyundai, Nimble, Telecom among others."

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Original: Free to read on Tales of Mason: "Rio Pecos Compound"

Date: Nov. 3, 2016

Rio Pecos Compound: Book Six of The Clint Mason Series

Clint Mason has never been this close to achieving his dream of building a peaceful community around a big, top-quality horse ranch on the Rio Pecos. Using his talents as a land surveyor, he outfoxes a crooked land baron to secure an idyllic estate, but soon finds himself at a poker table with at least three guns pointed his direction. One false move and all of Clint's plans will die with him. A powerful foe aims to make it look like a justified killing over card cheating, and that bold play might help balance Clint's odds for survival. Will it be just another ruthless murder, or will Clint win another day to further his quests for justice, peace and prosperity?

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