Happening: Harry Caray calls Cubs victory, thanks to Cutters Studios

Date: Nov. 3, 2016

Cutters Studios on Facebook

"Harry Caray finally gets his due!!! We had a blast working on this piece for Budweiser and the Cubs. Huge thanks to Vayner Media and all the folks at Cutters Studios that pulled several all nighters in a row to bring this project to life. Directed by Ritesh Gupta Edited by Tom Brassil | Cutters Audio by Drew Weir | Another Country Color and Finish by Steve Wood and Chris Elliott | Flavor"

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News Coverage: Gentleman Scholar's director’s cut for State Farm

Date: Nov. 2, 2016


Gentleman Scholar goes hybrid for State Farm "Home and Auto" (Director’s Cut). Charming blend of 2D and 3D aesthetics in this whimsical :60 spot for State Farm.

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News Coverage: Wondersmith among the world's best behind-the-scenes

Date: Oct. 31, 2016

SHOOT Magazine

Final selections for 2016 summer behind the scenes (BTS) photo contest - honorable mention goes to Mortimer Jones. The BTS image was submitted by Wondersmith, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based creative production company behind Panasonic Toughbook shoot at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Mortimer Jones is the directing team of Chris Walldorf and Adam Stone. While they direct as a team, Adam is a highly accomplished director of photography and Chris is a well-known editor. Wondersmith serves brands and their agencies that use smart storytelling, bold content and flawless execution to set themselves apart. From creative contributions to location productions anywhere in the world – and top-tier animation, visual effects, editing and finishing.

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Happening: Leviathan's SEGD Xlab Session Set for Oct. 28 in NYC

Date: Oct. 28, 2016

Xlab, Leviathan and Empowering Experiential Content

President Chad Hutsonand senior producer Ellen Schoplerof Leviathan (Chicago) are uniting digital technology, real-time data and the physical environment in ever-changing, increasingly delightful ways, providing their clients and the communities in which they reside an amplified experience of brand identity, engaging narrative content and sheer beauty. In New York City on Friday, October 28, they'll lead a session at Xlab 2016 to tell you how they do it—and show you that you can do it, too.

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News Coverage: Art of the Title splashes "Captain America: Civil War"

Date: Oct. 19, 2016

By Lola Landekic, for Art of the Title

"French poet and novelist Victor Hugo wrote, 'To contemplate is to look at shadows.' This is precisely what Sarofsky Corp.’s main-on-end title sequence for Captain America: Civil War implores us to do."

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PR Campaign: For Fourth Annual Cult Brand Celebration, The Gathering 2017 Expands Offerings

Date: Oct. 12, 2016

Adds One Day of Hands-On Workshops, Two Days of Intimate Music Experiences

Organizers of The Gathering - the fourth annual union of the world's bravest brands - announce the expanded offerings in store for up to 2,500 attendees of their 2017 flagship event. Returning to the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Feb. 22-25, The Gathering will once again feature a painstaking selection of keynote speakers and breakout sessions, framed around mixers ranging from cocktail soirees to snowboard adventures… all capped off with the illustrious Gathering Awards gala, dedicated to the world's most acclaimed Cult Brands.

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News Coverage: See People Teleport Each Other In Valiant Pictures New Spot

Date: Sep. 27, 2016

By Sylvia G., for AdStasher.com

"Today marks the launch of Teleport's first-ever commercial spot, which was conceived and produced with multi-talented director Brian Lipko and the leaders of NYC-based Valiant Pictures, where Lipko is represented among the production company's up-and-coming Vanguard roster. The new spot shows several lighthearted scenarios where businesses and individuals "Teleport" others to their locations using the app, which is one of the very first third-party developments built atop Uber's application programming interface."

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News Coverage: Kathryn Hempel Leads Cutters Studios Support for RMHC "Gratitude"

Date: Sep. 20, 2016

By Robert Goldrich, for SHOOT Magazine

"Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) and McDonald’s celebrate the RMHC Day of Change - October 15 - which commemorates the opening of the very first Ronald McDonald House in 1974. The celebration pivots on Donation Boxes that are installed in more than 33,000 McDonald’s restaurants around the world and are the largest ongoing fundraiser for the Charity..."

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News Coverage: Wondersmith finishes BooneOakley's Mellow Mushroom campaign

Date: Sep. 9, 2016

By Robert Goldrich, for SHOOT Magazine

The Best Work You May Never See: Boone Oakley's Pharma Ad Spoof For Mellow Mushroom

"This 'Clinically Proven' campaign from agency Boone Oakley in Charlotte, NC, spoofs ubiquitous pharmaceutical industry commercials in order to promote pizza restaurant chain Mellow Mushroom. Glen Owen of Boulevard Films, Charlotte, directed the spots which include a takeoff on formulaic advertising for certain masculinity-boosting drugs. This :30 focuses on a flirtatious, middle-aged couple. 'You never know when the moment will strike,' it begins. A dose of Mellow Mushroom is recommended, although 'if you find yourself sitting in a Mellow Mushroom for more than four hours, you may want to go home and come back another day.'

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News Coverage: Leviathan continues to lead experiential graphic design

Date: Sep. 7, 2016

10 Recent Digital Projects Shaping Experiential Graphic Design, by SEGD

We asked several of the most tech-savvy experts within the SEGD community for their picks of the most recent and influential experiential graphic design using digital technology. The main criteria informing their choices were: shows significant innovation, inspiration and has raised the bar for experiential graphic design.

AirBus Customer Experience Center: A collaboration among Hornall Anderson, Leviathan and Schema, AirBus's new DC headquarters is an interactive showcase for the company's people, products and ideas...

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Happening: Erin Sarofsky to open Motion Plus Design's Paris Meet-Up

Date: Sep. 1, 2016

Set for Saturday, September 24, at Le Theatre Du Gymnase

Following the success of the 2015 edition, Design Motion Plus again invites the biggest names of the international Motion Design in Paris!

Sarofsky's President, Owner and Executive Creative Director is set to open this year's event, joining many other acclaimed designers for over 600 attendees at this celebrated annual conference sponsored by Adobe, among many others.

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News Coverage: Indie feature "Middle Man" showcases Cutters Studios

Date: Sep. 1, 2016

Lewis Lazare, for Chicago Business Journal

McGarryBowen Chicago's top creative makes big push into feature films

"Crowley also got a boost from Chicago post production house Cutters Studios, which provided a number of in-kind services, including visual effects, color-grading and sound design. Cutters Studios, in effect, became an investor in the finished feature."

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News Coverage: Valiant Pictures' Vincent Lin directs Google for Work

Date: Aug. 14, 2016

The New York Egotist

Google for Work | Android “Choice,” “Foundation,” and “Impact”

"Beautifully shot work, conceived by Brooklyn's Stinkdigital and directed by Vincent Lin of Valiant Pictures, each of these lifestyle spots features a different decision maker in a unique environment, where solutions from Google for Work and Android are demonstrated. Check 'em all out in the video below as three :15 spots combined into one sleek :45 video."

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Happening: The Artery's VFX star in "The Get Down"

Date: Aug. 12, 2016

The Get Down | Main Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The Get Down is from Baz Luhrmann and a team of collaborators including four-time Oscar® winner and fellow executive producer Catherine Martin, legendary MC and executive producer Nas, associate producer Grandmaster Flash, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, co-creator and executive producer Stephen Adly Guirgis; and expert collaborators, including hip-hop historian and supervising producer Nelson George. For the series’ first order of six episodes released today on Netflix, The Artery’s craftsmanship appears in more than 100 shots, most of them in episode one.

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Happening: 180LA/Picnic's Mirage G4 Night Drive scores Site Of The Day

Date: Aug. 6, 2016

Night Drive is a second screen interactive experience. Use your smartphone to take control of the All-New Mirage G4.

To promote the launch of the Mirage G4, Mitsubishi launched Night Drive, a second screen experience where you can take a virtual test drive of the all new Mirage G4. Mirage hatchback and sedan comes with full smartphone connectivity. So Mitsubishi is letting Internet users use their smartphones to take control of the G4 in a beautiful, mysterious and sleek midnight racing track.

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News Coverage: Dictionary Films - What Peter Grasse did next

Date: Aug. 4, 2016

Candide McDonald, for The Stable

"Peter Grasse is no longer the general manager and executive producer of Curious Film. He has opened a new production company, Dictionary Films. Why? 'Change is as good as a holiday,' Grasse stated. 'But, I didn’t need a holiday. Rather, I craved creative rewards as a result of honest hard work with talented people I respect and enjoy.' The craving for change crept up on Grasse while he spent most of 2015 in airplanes, on location, on awards juries, in meetings with filmmakers, studios with new directors and offices with new associates… anywhere but Australia. By early 2016, Grasse was ready to turn his craving into a business decision. A spotlight had landed on the surging creativity in the Asia Pacific, and he had witnessed first-hand the business optimism that was blossoming in Japan..."

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News Coverage: Filmmaker Mag honors Valiant director Jess dela Merced

Date: July 25, 2016

25 New Faces of Film 2016

"Children and pyro — two things they admonish first-time filmmakers to avoid. But tell that to San Francisco-based filmmaker Jess dela Merced, who is gearing up to make her kid-centric, flame-infused first feature, Chickenshit in Detroit in 2017. It’s the story of a young black girl who teams up with a group of boys to stop an arsonist from burning down their city. 'I set out to write an honest story about kids who are living in Detroit,' dela Merced writes in an email, 'and as I started writing, it was clear that arson was essential to the authenticity of that story.'"

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Happening: First-ever Cannes Glass Lion entrusted to Cutters

Date: June 24, 2016

Cutters Studios on Facebook

Craig Duncan: "So honored (and a bit terrified) to finally be bringing the first ever Glass Lion back to Chicago and its rightful owner Kathryn Hempel." #likeagirl at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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Happening: Dances With Films Audience Award to Mccoy | Meyer

Date: June 15, 2016

Music Video: Devin Kirtz My Day (ft. Marley Waters)

Starring: Foxy Grammy; Directed by: Eric McCoy; Produced by: Aaron Johnson and Justus Meyer; Written by Devin Kirtz, Aaron Johnson and Eric McCoy; Cinematography by: Ryan Wood; Edited by: David Andreini; Color Correction by: Bryan Smaller; VFX Supervision by: Patrick Kujawski; 1st Assistant Camera: Christine Adams; Song written by: Devin Kirtz and Marley Waters; Music Production by: Marley Waters; Additional Instrumentation: Skyler Mann

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News Coverage: June 2016 DWA Placement: Wall Street Journal feature on Sarofsky

Date: June 15, 2016

John Jurgensen, for Speakeasy

"The main title sequence for the new cable crime drama “Animal Kingdom” is 60 seconds long, but creating it required 20 hours of raw footage, much of it consisting of slow-motion shots of a tattoo needle piercing flesh. By nature, the opening of any TV show is an odd beast. Paired with the theme music, it’s the only element that repeats in every episode, so it’s critical to the identity of the show. At the same time, its most basic purpose is to display the names of key producers and cast members. 'People forget that it’s also a legal document,' says Erin Sarofsky, who directed the main title for Animal Kingdom...'

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News Coverage: Leviathan interactive experience brings Zero Net Energy home

Date: June 8, 2016

Graphic Design USA

"PGandE recently opened its new regional office in Stockton CA featuring a full-sized Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Home display. Innovative companies Leviathan and Luci Creative were engaged to design and implement advanced interactive aspects that take the ZNE Home’s educational aspects to new heights. By allowing visitors to see exactly how it all works together, PGandE reports that its first-of-its-kind ZNE Home is already providing tremendous value in engaging and educating the public."

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Original: Icon City sunshine, by Ewasko

Date: May 22, 2016

Newport Beach is Icon City

Tommy writes: "I hope you will enjoy a couple of photos from my new backyard, here in Newport Beach, California. The website update at www.EWASKO.com is generating a lot of excitement as well. Looking forward to hearing from you anytime, and wishing you an awesome day."

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News Coverage: Golden Age gets ReverbNation, Conner Reddan star treatment

Date: May 19, 2016

SHOOT Magazine

Last week, the world was introduced to the music of the NYC-based Golden Age thanks to the band's participation in ReverbNation's invitation-only CONNECT program, and as a result of being featured in ReverbNation CONNECT's The Watch List and on The Fader. The band's debut pop song "Tinted Windows" is described by The Fader as "soaring," front-woman Sydney Sahr is called "electrifying," and the featured promotional elements include visually stunning photography and a music video. The music video and photos were directed and lensed by Conner Reddan of Valiant Pictures, in collaboration with the well-known photographer Elena Montemurro, who served as the project's creative director.

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Happening: Albany Park Theater Project's FEAST premieres on PBS Chicago

Date: May 12, 2016

Critics rave that FEAST is "Beautiful, honest, magical, thrilling, acrobatic, moving, subversive, brave, visceral, provocative, joyful...delicious!"

Albany Park Theater Project's FEAST premieres tonight at 10pm on WTTW - Chicago PBS! We're extremely proud to be a part of it. Congrats to the immensely talented cast, writers and crew at APTP, and to our very own Alison Ho, Cutters' Christopher Gotschall, Flavor's Christopher Elliott, and Cutters Studios illustrious leader Craig Duncan, among many, many others...

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News Coverage: Cutters' Steve Bell tops 2016 AICE Awards' Broadcast Promotion category

Date: May 12, 2016

2016 AICE Winner: Editor Steve Bell for NHL "Name"

Edited by Steve Bell at Cutters/NY, the 2015 National Hockey League Stanley Cup Final national TV spot titled "Name" celebrates some of the greatest players in NHL history including: Jean Beliveau, Ray Bourque, Martin Brodeur, Bobby Clarke, Sidney Crosby, Ken Dryden, Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Brett Hull, Patrick Kane, Mario Lemieux, Nicklas Lidstrom, Ted Lindsay, Stan Mikita, Lanny McDonald, Mark Messier, Mike Modano, Bobby Nystrom, Bobby Orr, DenisPotvin, Patrick Roy, Joe Sakic, Teemu Selanne, Scott Stevens, Jonathan Toews, Bryan Trottier, Steve Yzerman and others...

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News Coverage: "Captain America: Civil War" gets big assist from rising Chicago production shop

Date: May 6, 2016

Lewis Lazare, for Chicago Business Journal

"Sarofsky Chicago, a design-driven production company, has cemented — and upped — its ties to Hollywood and the Marvel feature film portfolio with the domestic release today of 'Captain America: Civil War.'

"The new movie's end credits and more than 20 visual effects seen in the film are the handiwork of the Sarofsky production firm. Millions of Marvel fans worldwide are expected to see what Sarofsky has wrought for the film, which already has grossed some $250 million in its foreign release. The pic could generate another $150-million-plus at the box office in its first weekend of domestic release..."

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News Coverage: May 2016 DWA Placement: Adweek feature on The Uprising Creative

Date: May 2, 2016

Tim Baysinger, for Adweek

"Few companies have made as big a bet on the burgeoning virtual reality space than The Uprising Creative. The Los Angeles-based production house last fall launched Vehiclevr, a content studio exclusively dedicated to virtual reality. That goes along with Uprising Creative's mission to be all things to brands, including Beats by Dre and Perrier.

"'We're able to execute really unique integrated campaigns that usually agencies would have to go to several different companies to accomplish,' said Jonathan Craven, co-head of The Uprising Creative's content division. During SXSW, Vehiclevr provided a "4-D Immersive Reality Budweiser Brewery Tour" that was part of an Anheuser-Busch experiential marketing campaign..."

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Original: Leviathan Appearing at Creative Tech Week NYC

Date: May 7, 2016

Creative Tech Week 2016 Schedule

Saturday, May 7, 10:30am - 11:30am: FITC presents Spotlight Experiential Design: Explore design that transports you into a world of endless possibilities. We’re taking a deep dive into the area of Experiential Design and hope you’ll join us to learn how you can leverage this info in your work. This one day event is designed for industry professionals and features notable speakers; attendees can expect to build up their skills with a minimal time commitment and a low price point. Presenters include Digital Kitchen, Fake Love, Hush, Leviathan, The Mill and Red Paper Heart.

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