Happening: Multiple 2015 Spike Awards for Cutters Tokyo Projects

Date: Sep. 11, 2015

Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity

The 2015 edition of the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity recently concluded with the presentation of the actual Spikes - the trophies for outstanding work in 18 categories. For Cutters Tokyo and its partners, the spot entitled "Mom's First Birthday" for P and G's Pampers - edited by Aika Miyake - was awarded a Bronze Spike in the Direction category, and Bronze Spikes in the Digital, Film Craft and Media Categories. Another Cutters Tokyo project - BMW "Make Life a Ride" for Havas Worldwide - earned Shortlist honors in the Direction and Editing categories.

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Happening: World marks passing of renowned filmmaker Wes Craven

Date: Sep. 11, 2015

Stuart Heritage, for The Guardian

Photograph: Dimension Films/Allstar. "Through The Last House on the Left, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, Craven – who has died aged 76 – dictated the genre so confidently no Hollywood horror director isn’t deeply indebted, no audience member left untouched. Though the first was a classic, the films the series inspired diminished its impact over time. If you can judge a film-maker’s influence by how many copycats they inspire, then Wes Craven has to be seen as one of the most influential. Three times he changed his mind about what horror movies should be, and three times we were promptly flooded with all manner of dodgy knock-offs."

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PR Campaign: TV Land's "Teachers" Crash MTV Video Music Awards

Date: Aug. 30, 2015

Darel Jevens, for Chicago Sun-Times

"America is about to get its first extended look at the cable version of 'Teachers,' the web series from a Chicago improv team that is being revamped for TV Land. The pilot episode will air tonight at roughly 10:15 p.m. Chicago time on TV Land, after the channel’s simulcast of the live MTV Video Music Awards. That’s more than four months before “Teachers” makes its formal debut in January."

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PR Campaign: Please Support Women's Global Education Project

Date: Aug. 30, 2015

For the past three years, everyone at Sarofsky has been actively involved with the Women’s Global Education Project, the 501c3 public charity first launched in Chicago in 2003 dedicated to education and support for women and girls in Kenya and Senegal. In 2013, Erin Sarofsky was chosen to be a guest of honor at Ndajee, the organization’s 9th annual fundraising gala. Now an Honorary Chair for Ndajee, Erin is eagerly looking forward to the festivities and also to ensuring WGEP’s overall success. If you share our passion, there are numerous ways to support WGEP and, in turn, to improve lives and change the world.

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Happening: ISAM Live 2.0 fades to black at Outside Lands

Date: Aug. 8, 2015

Amon Tobin, courtesy of Ninja Tune

July 8: "Amon Tobin's ISAM Live debuted at the Mutek Festival (Montreal) in May 2011 and it (and subsequent expanded 2.0 format) went on to be one of the most highly regarded and critically acclaimed live shows in the world. A show who's influence is still being felt to this day in other productions that have tried to emulate it’s visual and sonic breadth. Having graced the stages of Coachella, Sydney Opera House, London's Roundhouse, Brixton Academy, Sonar, Berkeley Greek Theatre, Mutek Mexico, Cervantino and many more around the world in the last few years, it's set for one last appearance at Outside Lands before Amon burns it to the ground (possibly literally) and starts development on his follow up concept to the live arena. This is your final chance to witness ISAM in all its glory."

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News Coverage: Uprising takes VH1's "Dating Naked" to the beach

Date: Aug. 4, 2015

By Michael Burns, for DigitalArts

"The Uprising Creative has developed Love's a Beach, a 8-bit mobile and browser game to promote VH1 series Dating Naked in the US. The retro game invites players to choose two avatars that run, raft and ride together through various levels of a tropical paradise for fun and a top-spot on the global leaderboard. Scores and game images are easily shared on social media. For Uprising, the project was led by digital director Benjamin Miles and account director Justin Hoot..."

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Happening: mcgarrybowen reunites Hungry Man, Cutters and McDowell

Date: Aug. 3, 2015


We asked Lunchables Uploaded spokesperson Malcolm McDowell to help us introduce our new Walking Taco. It’s a new snack you just mix, heat for 15 seconds, and eat - but even those three simple steps were hard for him to wrap his head around. The Walking Taco: More for You, less for Malcolm. #AreYouDownWithUp

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News Coverage: Cap Gun's Abramson weighs-in on web series

Date: July 30, 2015

By David H. Schwartz, for Huffington Post Entertainment

"Filmed in 2012, TEACHERS is also notable for the appearance of a pre-SNL Cecily Strong, who filmed the series just before she joined the Not Ready For Prime Time Players. As its co-executive producer Matt Abramson explains, the series would also attract the attention of some of comedy's biggest web sites, and eventually resulted in a major TV deal. 'Once we started rolling out the webisodes, we got contacted by The Onion and then later Funny or Die. Both places wanted to roll out some episodes and help us boost views," he says. "We were excited that both of those brands were reaching out. Then through the Katys we got connected to WME (William Morris Endeavor)...'"

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Happening: The Darnell Works Agency is now based in Asheville

Arrival Date: July 25, 2015

27 Valle Vista Drive | Asheville, NC 28804

Back in 2001, Beth Darnell and I decided to move across the country, trading LA for a colorful college town in the Blue Ridge Mountains: Boone, North Carolina. Home to other family-members and a wonderful community, Boone has been a phenomenal leg of our life adventure, and we are also very excited about what's to come. Over these years, we've experienced many eventful trips to Asheville, and the time spent there has taught us to love it. The home town for the Biltmore Estate and one of our favorite resort spots, the Grove Park Inn, we are stoked new travel options via Asheville Regional Airport. Photo courtesy of Derek Olson: http://www.derekolsonphotography.com.

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Original: Sarofsky designing main titles for OFFF Mexico

Date: July 20, 2015

Coming 24-26 Sep. 2015: OFFF Mexico 2015, Mexico City

Es una tradición que cada edición de OFFF alrededor del mundo cuente con dos videos realizados exclusivamente para el festival: Open Titles y Main Titles. Los Open Titles tienen como objetivo enlistar a todas las personas involucradas en el proyecto, excepto a los conferencistas, que para eso están los Main Titles. Este año, los Main Titles de la edición mexicana del festival correrán a cargo de Sarofsky, despacho con sede en Chicago, quienes recientemente han alcanzado el tope de la exposición mediática tras estar a cargo de las secuencias de inicio de algunos blockbusters del universo Marvel como Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, y la recientemente estrenada Ant-Man.

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Happening: Who attended "Ant-Man" cast and crew premiere?

Date: July 17, 2015


Ant-Man cast and crew screening couldn't have been more exciting. At Mann's Chinese Theater. #bummednoeggrolls #mustseein3d #antman From Steven Anderson on July 14: "What's the last movie I saw in a theater?
 That’s easy, Ant-Man. I’ve seen it four times so far. First in a the theater on the Disney lot, second in an edit suite (again at Disney), third at the Cast and Crew screening at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood and fourth, our Sarofsky company screening at Webster Place. It’s probably the most times I have ever seen one movie. Paul Rudd, pay attention."

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News Coverage: Emmy nomination for Cutters, Flavor, Another Country

Date: July 16, 2015

Tracy Brown, for Los Angeles Times

The nominees for the 2015 Emmy Awards were announced Thursday morning. The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards will be held on Sept. 20 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Andy Samberg will host the live telecast. Nominees for Outstanding Commercial:
. Brady Bunch - Snickers
. Dream On - Adobe
. #LikeAGirl - Always
. Lost Dog - Budweiser
. Made In NY - Gatorade
. With Dad - Nissan

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News Coverage: New hires and promotions for Leviathan

Date: July 16, 2015

SHOOT Magazine

Executive producer Chad Hutson, executive creative director Jason White and their colleagues at conceptual design studio Leviathan are very proud to announce the addition of producer James Turek, software engineer David Braun and systems administrator Lucas Schira. Hutson and White also announced three key promotions: for senior creative director Bradon Webb (from creative director), director of R-and-D and engineering Adam Berg (from research engineer) and designer Alexis Copeland (from junior designer)...

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News Coverage: Uprising, NCompass and Activision host zombies at Comic-Con

Arrival Date: July 11, 2015

By Jeb Haught, for GameRevolution

"...So to promote zombie mode, Activision set up a cool Zombie Escape Room Experience outside of this year's San Diego Comic-Con. It begins with an entrance into the tent where women dressed as 1920s flapper girls have participants sign a liability form before they're ushered into the main room. This room has some minor retro décor, and a trailer for zombie mode is shown. Afterwards, gentlemen donned in old-school suits and authentic fedoras warn participants of what's to come, which is followed by separating everyone into two groups. Each group enters a room, where the doors are locked behind them and the scary fun begins..."

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Happening: Cutters, Always dream team and girls are #Unstoppable

Date: July 7, 2015

Always #LikeAGirl - Unstoppable

Do we limit girls and tell them what they should or shouldn’t be? Do we box them into expected roles? Well, we asked, and the answer was shocking: 72% of girls DO feel society limits them – especially during puberty – a time when their confidence totally plummets. Always is on an epic battle to keep girls’ confidence high during puberty and beyond! Our original #LikeAGirl social experiment started a conversation to boost confidence by changing the meaning of "like a girl" from an insult to a total compliment. And – with your help – that conversation turned into major movement sweeping the entire globe.

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Happening: Eyes on Sarofsky for new works hitting soon

Date: June 22, 2015


In many ways, "June has been a long year" for the artists and producers of Sarofsky Corp., the Chicago-based design-driven creative production company. The sprint continues toward many finish lines, and maybe even a vacation, before we get to set off some fireworks. Eyes up in the weeks ahead, friends.

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Happening: Imagemaker Tommy Ewasko turns heads in Tulare, California

Date: June 22, 2015

Travelin' Joe: Ewasko Stories from the Road

"I received a very positive reaction from the General Manager of the Fairfield Inn and Suites Visalia Tulare. To say I was pleased with words like that after a week long shoot would be an understatement. It's more than enough motivation to have us up at 4:30 AM daily, ready for the next assignment! Take a look at a few of the Hero images below."

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Happening: Director Matt Miller and INNOCEAN play it cool for Hyundai

Date: June 20, 2015

Hyundai "Wow"

For INNOCEAN USA, credit goes to VP and group creative director Miles Turpin, creative directors Lon Davis and Skip Tramontana, art director Vanessa Volonte, copywriter Marvin Figueroa, executive producer Jennifer Pearse and senior producer Melanie C. McKinnell. Along with Matt Miller and director of photography Eric Haase, Cap Gun’s credits also include executive producers Matt Abramson and Jason Botkin, head of production Marisol Herold and line producer Gabrielle Yuro. Post-production was handled by editor Brad Wetmore and producer Chanel Boyd of Orange Editorial. Complete project credits are available upon request.

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Happening: Leviathan's all-star collaboration renders connected city

Date: June 20, 2015

Jabil: The Connected City

"Jabil may well be one of the largest companies you’ve not heard of, though the 45-year-old $18B tech giant is also the name behind 250 of the best brands on the planet. To generate more awareness of its brand the manufacturer developed Blue Sky Center, the 100,000-square-foot design and demo facility in San Jose, CA, which highlights Jabil’s innovations through product and experiences. One such experience created through Leviathan’s collaboration with Jabil-subsidiary Radius: a physical diorama paired with interactive digital content."

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Happening: Wondersmith, Trone Brand Energy Win Silver Regional ADDY Award

Date: Apr. 15, 2015

2015 District 3 American Advertising Award Winners Announced

"Judges chose winners from 251 online, electronic device application, broadcast and print entries. Of those entries, 10 gold ADDY Awards and 21 silver ADDY Awards were presented to professionals, 9 gold and 6 silver ADDY Awards were presented to students. Entries were judged by a 3-judge panel for their creativity, originality and strategy. District 3 American Advertising Award winners, AAF Charlotte: Silver ADDY: “Imagine Planets” by Wondersmith"

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Happening: Jeff Gordon celebrates with Wondersmith

Date: May 22, 2015

SHOOT Magazine

Shooting on location at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Wondersmith's crew led by Mortimer Jones, executive producer Joe Murray, director of photography Adam Stone and VFX lead Byron Nash put a lot of effort into planning the shoot. "It was a pretty large rigging job," Murray explained. "We had cameras hanging off the race car on both sides, cameras mounted inside and on a pursuit vehicle for one shot. For the final scene, we used a drone to capture footage from about 50 feet in the air." Read on

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Original: New Ewasko art print: Angel's Inspiration

Date: May 21, 2015

By Tommy Ewasko

"After weaving through the San Gabriel Mountains I arrived at the Angeles Crest Forest, which eventually tops out at almost 8,000 feet. I had finally reached a destination that had been on my list for years. Obviously, good karma was rewarding me for being diligent; a friendly fireman named Luis met me at the entrance. After explaining my mission of achieving a late sunset glow image, he guided me to this spot. Sit down and let your eyes relax for a spell as you are transported to this wilderness camp near Los Angeles — the Chilao Campground at Manzanita Loop."

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News Coverage: #LikeAGirl in strong contention for Cannes Lions

Date: May 21, 2015

By Alexandra Jardine, for Advertising Age

"Always' #LikeaGirl was the most prolific winner at this year's pestigious DandAD awards in London Thursday night, an indicator that the campaign for the Procter and Gamble brand could also scoop up multiple prizes at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity next month." Read on

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Happening: "Rock Slide" now available in book stores worldwide

Date: Apr. 2, 2015

From "Rock Slide"

Book Seven of The Clint Mason Series by William F. Martin: He had thrown caution to the winds and had almost lost his life as well. Feeling the cuts and bruises on his arms, legs, and back reinforced the need for brains over impulse. Revenge he would seek, but on his terms. There would be no justice until all six gutless roadside thieves were made to pay for killing his horse. Will Clint's very next showdown be his last?

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News Coverage: Huffington Post features Erin Sarofsky

Date: Mar. 30, 2015

By Laura Dunn

"I started my career as a designer and have had to work with a number of different creative directors, business owners and producers along the way. As a designer, I was always very sensitive to what I was being asked for and the role I played in the process. Now that the roles are reversed and I'm now an executive creative director and business owner, I am still very sensitive to the needs of both my employees and clients." Read on

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Happening: Latest from Ewasko: Hyman Ltd. print via FastVertical

Date: Apr. 14, 2015

Travelin' Joe: Ewasko Stories from the Road

Print for Hyman Ltd. via FastVertical: Are you nuts? "Tommy - Thanks again for all your efforts and fast turnaround. The client at Hyman Ltd. chose the attached version and loved it. It's off the publisher. Best, Steve Evans, FastVertical." Read on

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Happening: Wondersmith loads up on location in Hawaii

Date: Apr. 14, 2015

By Any Means Necessary... On Location in Hawaii. "Mule Pursuit w/ Hawaiian Arm" — with Joe Murray, Byron Nash, Adam T Stone, Chris Walldorf and Thom Blackburn. Read on

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News Coverage: Rihanna's 'American Oxygen' explores American history

Date: Apr. 7, 2015

By Shante Merida, for REVOLT

"When you think of the All-American prototype you might not necessarily think music megastar Rihanna, but after hearing her latest song 'American Oxygen,' it will leave you in a quasi-time capsule of living the American dream... Directorial team, Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven, and Jeff Nicholas spoke exclusively to REVOLT on conceptualizing the aesthetic aspect and allowing the essence of 'American Oxygen' to unfold." Read on

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Happening: Cutters Tokyo welcomes new talents Ben, Pete and Nathan

Date: Apr. 2, 2015

Cutters Tokyo welcomes a trifecta of new talent

Craig Duncan, Executive Producer/Partner of Cutters Studios: "One thing is for certain... they know how to freaking throw a party in Tokyo." Read on

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News Coverage: Flavor, Cutters and Dictionary Films clock Hyundai for Innocean

Date: Mar. 23, 2015

Creativity Gallery

In Hyundai's "Seize the Moment" sales event spots from Innocean, Sonatas and Elantras race around a clock face to let viewers know time is ticking. Flavor, Dictionary Films and Cutters teamed up to create this ambitious national March sales event campaign. The results include many :30 spots featuring the Hyundai Sonata and Elantra models racing around a clock face. English and Spanish-language versions of the spots aired widely across the U.S. all month long. “Everyone wanted the cars to be shot in a way that showcased high performance and made them look beautiful,” said Flavor’s executive creative director Brad Tucker. “Also, designing the gorgeous clock animation and putting everything together seamlessly was another perfect fit for our capabilities. In the end, we were able to bring all of this to the table.” Read on

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