Selected DWA Case Studies

  • Cutters_Studios
    Cutters Studios

    Creative elements

    DWA's continuing role as PR Counsel for Cutters Studios began in 2014. With its iconic studios in Chicago, Detroit, LA, NYC and Tokyo, Cutters represents unlimited full-service creative capabilities. CASE STUDY . WEBSITE . EPK SITES

  • GS
    Gentleman Scholar

    Creative production company

    DWA's continuing service as the PR agency of record for the creative production company Gentleman Scholar began in October, 2016. CASE STUDY . WEBSITE . EPK SITE

  • Luci
    Luci Creative

    Master planning and exhibit design firm

    DWA's service as the PR agency of record for the full-service museum masterplanning and exhibit design firm Luci Creative began in 2017. CASE STUDY . WEBSITE . EPK SITE

  • MODE
    MODE Studios

    Hybrid experience agency

    DWA's service as the PR agency of record for the hybrid experience agency MODE Studios began in 2018. CASE STUDY . WEBSITE

  • Sarofsky
    Sarofsky Corp.

    Design-driven production company

    DWA's service as PR agency of record for design-driven production company Sarofsky ran from 2014 on into 2018. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

Previous Engagements


During DWA’s 10-year tenure as the PR agency of record for a52 (2000-2010), projects touched by the LA-based VFX boutique's talents earned top honors from Adweek, Ad Age, ‘Boards, Creative Review, Creativity, SHOOT and Shots, the Emmy, and more exclusive accolades... CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE


From 2003 to 2015, DWA provided PR support for ATTIK. This includes the agency's 2007 acquisition by Dentsu and its bold service of adidas, Bacardi, Boost Mobile, Coca-Cola, IGN, Lexus, Scion, Sony, Under Armour, and others. ATTIK earned consistent media coverage and always attracted top-tier talents. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

Brand New School

DWA's service as the PR agency of record for integrated production company and design studio Brand New School (BNS) ran from 2009 through 2012. Strategic marketing efforts earned BNS global acclaim for collaborations with leading agencies and brands, expanded BNS's business in Europe, planned and maximized industry sponsorships, and rocked every media channel in style. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

Brewster Parsons

DWA's service as the PR agency of record for post-production studio Brewster Parsons ran from 2011 to 2013. Via award-winning artists committed to delivering groundbreaking, beautiful, and innovative work, the studio masters all aspects of advertising, editorial, content development, and VFX. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

Cap Gun Collective

As the rising production company's PR firm from mid-2013 into 2016, DWA supported Cap Gun's commercial arm as it added world-class directors and delivered campaigns for top-tier brands and agencies. Via its original web series and buzz-worthy music videos, CGC also broke into film, TV and entertainment. CASE STUDY . COVERAGE

Crest Digital

Back in 1998, Roger Darnell's integrated marketing campaign helped Hollywood-based Crest Digital partner with the Women in Film Intl. Summit, the Santa Barbara Intl. Film Festival, AFI Worldfest, IFP/West, Slamdance Film Fest and many others. CASE STUDY

Endless Noise

Handling PR for Grammy-winning composer Jeff Elmassian from 2001 to 2003, DWA helped successfully relaunch Endless Noise. The company soon earned a Gold Clio, Intl. ANDY and Monitor Awards, AICP Show recognition and London Intl. honors for Best Sound Design, and a Cannes Lion for Music Excellence. CASE STUDY


DWA's service as the PR agency of record for creative agency ENVOY ran from 2014 to 2015. Advising bold partners on market strategy, product marketing, creativity and innovation, ENVOY continues to grow, expand its team and evolve its culture. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

Juniper Jones

DWA served as PR agency of record for the creative force Juniper Jones from 2013 into 2014. The force has a continuing creative partnership with Tribeca Film Festival, and recent projects for ESPN/ABC, the NFL Network, Lifetime and Spike TV have brought millions of viewers into television's highest-rated events. MORE . MEDIA COVERAGE


DWA's service as the PR agency of record for specialized creative agency Leviathan ran from 2011 through September, 2017. During this tumultuous time, Leviathan leapt to prominence in the global creative industry. First class and top tier, the company and its leaders remain near and dear. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE


DWA's tenure as PR agency of record for PostWorks ran from 2004 to 2009. After first building an actionable strategic marketing plan, the results helped PostWorks grow and expand exponentially. That communications playbook still serves PostWorks as a premier global post-production company. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE


DWA's service as PR agency of record for design-driven production company Sarofsky ran from 2014 on into 2018. During that span, Sarofsky established itself as a motion picture "main title" powerhouse, and a premiere cinematic storytelling, design and VFX shop. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE


From 2008 to 2014, DWA was the PR agency of record for creative production company Shilo. Producing design-infused content through amazing artistry, craftsmanship and intelligence, DWA's strategic PR support amplified Shilo's renown, worldwide. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

Stardust Studios

From 2005 to 2009, Stardust Studios' Jake Banks engaged DWA to handle all facets of his proactive media relations campaign. Recognized leaders in creating sensational motion-design and live-action works, DWA's campaign efforts expanded Stardust's platinum reputation. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

Spinifex Group

Spinifex Group's Sydney-based CEO and founder Glen Joseph engaged with DWA's Roger Darnell in 2010 for a five-month campaign aimed at raising his company's profile overseas. With these combined superpowers, the campaign results brought news of Spinifex Group's extraordinary talents to massive new audiences worldwide. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

The Uprising Creative

For this LA-based integrated creative and production company, many epic highlights came from its one year PR campaign (2015-2016) with DWA. For helping it tell its own story and gain far-reaching recognition, DWA earned the lifelong esteem of all company principals. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

Thornberg and Forester

DWA's service as the PR agency of record for the award-winning design and digital production company Thornberg and Forester ran from July, 2011, through January, 2014. By helping the firm's partners strategically leverage and build upon their firm's carefully crafted reputation, T and F's high-profile achievements and projects continue to grow, leveraging their expanding artistry as innovative design visionaries and digital production experts. MORE . MEDIA COVERAGE

Tool of North America

Among many high-profile accomplishments during DWA's two-year tenure as the PR agency of record for Tool of North America and Paranoid Projects (2004-2006), Francois Vogel's HP "Picture Book" campaign was named Adweek's Campaign of the Year for 2004. The public and media relations campaign diligently promoted commercial projects of the highest order, from top agencies, major brands, and Tool's all-star roster of directors. CASE STUDY . MEDIA COVERAGE

Transparent House

DWA's service as the PR agency of record for the international next-generation creative studio Transparent House has made major impacts on the company's business success, starting in 2012 and on into 2018. With offices in San Francisco, Moscow and Berlin, TH excels at the intersection of digital, art, and commerce. MORE . MEDIA COVERAGE